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vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

"Vanity of vanities everything is vanity"

The Vanitas series arises as a response to hyperconsumption, a characteristic par excellence of modernity, so we must ask ourselves:  Why has consumption become the only way to achieve happiness, or rather increases theempty?

Using the iconography around death and through symbols and indexed elements, a resignification is made, proposing
different readings, each image speaks of a different theme, however, these revolve around death in relation to hyperconsumption, all with clear roots in semiotics.
The Vanitas as part of the Still Lifes, are distinguished as their own subgenre due to thememento mori that what it does is a display of tensions that seek to confront the viewer with its finitude, in this case, in addition to this action there is an invitation to vitalism; asointment in the face of the harshness of life. 

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