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This photographic series is born from the notion of the ghost in its linguistic double: On the one hand it is the ghost in its literality, with everything that its iconography implies. On the other hand, it is the ghost as a metaphor for memory and the partial and elusive fragments that remain. They are fragments that with the passage and reverberation of time make a false testimony that is cemented as truth. These photographs are the chimeras that remain after the wear and tear of narrative after narrative.

Through research and based on the testimonies of a nonagenarian couple, around their ranch, which they lived in when they were newlyweds, I use it as a starting point to exude the ghosts. Research is a nodular point and inspiration to generate non-reliable fragments of the space and its cohabitants.  In which the original stories appear, amalgamated with fiction, placing special emphasis and questioning on the mechanisms that humans use to validate the past with memory. The series is about memory and the past, but it is also about the ghosts that exist as long as their stories continue to replicate themselves,  despite its wear and erosion.


Director's assistant:Ana Ramos Kuri.

Direction of photography:Gustavo del Toro.

First Photography Assistant:Emilio Vela

Second Photography Assistant:Karen Ramos

Art direction: Revolver Gustavo

Art Assistant:Gustavo Ruano

VFX:Vicente Suarez.

A thank you to the Bastida family for their support and hospitality. 

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