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Leopoldo Alejandro Farrera Cuevas

He was born in Mexico in 1997. Graduate in Visual Arts with honorable mention from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “ENPEG- La Esmeralda” (INBAL) He also has pictorial studies at the Antigua Academia de San Carlos (FAD-UNAM), and philosophy studies at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City Campus, ranging from the history of philosophy to its connections with psychoanalysis. He also trained as a filmmaker and screenwriter at the Universidad Iberoamericana, the  Cinematographic Capacity Center (INBAL) and Vancouver Film School.  He is currently studying a master's degree in photography at the Royal College of Art in London. 

He is co-founder of the LUX-19 Exhibition, a film festival that mixes the visual arts with the cinematographic arts, in which more than 60 short films were exhibited and the main universities of CDMX participated. As an artist, his work has been exhibited at the National Center for the Arts, festivals such as the “International Festival of Art and Culture Quimera”, for three consecutive years (2011, 2012 and 2013), as well as at the “Resonancia Festival”, for part of Discos Diablito in 2019. His work was selected in the Mexico International Photography Festival  2022, and in the Valparaíso International Photography Festival 2022 (Chile) where he was the winner of the edition.  His photobook "In Search of Absences" is currently part of the official selection of the Kassel Dummy Award  (Germany)

As a visual artist, his works have been exhibited in Mexico, London (United Kingdom), Valparaíso (Chile). And his photobook has been part of exhibitions in Barcelona (Spain), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong (China), Melbourne (Australia) to mention a few, he currently lives and works in London where he focuses his latest production. 



AFPE Scholarship "Creation and knowledge towards the future" CONAHCYT-FONCA, 2023


Kassel Dummy Award- Germany, 2023


Valparaíso International Photography Festival (FIFV) - Mexico, 2022

- Selected 

Mexico International Photography Festival (FIFMX)- Mexico, 2022


-MA Photography - Royal College of Art- 2023-2024

-Bachelor in Fine Arts- National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "ENPEG- La Esmeralda" (INBAL) Cycle 2017-2021.

-Diploma in History of Philosophy -Ibeoamerican University.

-Diploma in philosophy and today -Ibeoamerican University.


-Diploma between the critical frontiers of philosophy and psychology -Iberoamerican University. 

-Seminar on Philosophical Scenarios on the Pandemic: Capitalism, Biopolitics and Nihilism -Institute of Critical Studies 17.


-Diploma in art history, with emphasis on image -Autonomous Mexico State University.

-Oil and acrylic easel painting workshop-Academy of San Carlos FAD, UNAM.

-Tattoo Course-Border Cultural Center.

-Selected to participate in the Workshop: "Naked appearance: desire and the object in the work in the work of Jeff Koons and Marcel Duchamp" with Jeff Koons. –SOMA MEXICO. 

-Workshop; "Mainland" taught by Jan Hendix. –MUAC and studio of the artist.


-Course "art market" taught by Sergio Gómez-Tagle -French Alliance Mexico.

-Film Script Course: theoretical bases and practical writing for films -Ibeoamerican University.

-Intensive Film Production Course -Vancouver Film School.

-Intensive Film Script Writing Course -Vancouver Film School.

-Horror Script Workshop -Cinematographic Training Center.


-Mellow Memories

Royal College of Art (London, United Kingdom) 

-Ancestral Resonance

Nina Menocal Gallery 2023 (Mexico City) 

-Tell me where we are

Valparaíso International Photography Festival 2023 (Chile) 

- Photobook sample; In search of absences at the participating venues and festivals within the framework of the KasselFestival. Sorted alphabeticallyKassel Dummy Award 2023:

  • Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops- Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Center For Contemporary Photography - Melbourne, Australia

  • Format Festival -Derby, England

  • Fotofestiwal - Łódź, Poland

  • Grisart - Barcelona, Spain

  • Internationale Photoszene Köln Festival - Cologne, Germany

  • Italian Institute of Photography - Milan, Italy

  • Jakarta International Photofestival (JIPFest) - Jakarta,Indonesia

  • Lumenvisum - Hong Kong

  • NOKS Art Space Istanbul -Istanbul, Türkiye

  • Officine Fotografiche - Rome, Italy

  • Offset Projects -New Delhi, India

  • Organ Vida - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Photobook Week Aarhus -Aarhus, Denmark

  • PhotoIreland -Dublin, Ireland

  • Reminders Project & Reminders Photography Stronghold -Tokyo, Japan

  • Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) -Singapore

  • space for visual culture and artistic thinking – Ankara, Türkiye

  • ZOETROPE- Athens, Greece

-"Memento mori"

Yila´ob Cultural Center- 2021 (Mexico City)

-"The Deadlights of flesh and blood"

Rosa Gorilla Gallery- 2021 (Mexico City)

-"Visual Chronicles of the Pandemic Vol.1"

National Center for the Arts- 2021 (Mexico City)

-"Rezonance Festival"

Verdeespina studies- 2019 (Mexico City)

-"Academic Samples"

 National Center for the Arts, years - 2017, 2018, 2019 (Mexico City)

-Quimera International Art and Culture Festival - 2011, 2012 and 2013 (Toluca, Mexico)

-María Clavel gallery collective exhibition

 Crowne Plaza – 2007 (Toluca, Mexico)



-Memories of a past- (Dir. Walter Nino)-  Associate Producer- 2021. 

-Sea of trees - director/scriptwriter-2016

- Polo´s training 1 (A Rocky parody) – Director- 2016

- The wicked witch and her brother the jester - director/producer/scriptwriter- 2016

- Not even if you take off- Director- 2015.

·Arcano XIII - director/scriptwriter 2014

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